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Health Professional Recovery Program
P.O. Box 842
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Please do not include attachments or personal health information in email correspondence with HPRP. Due to security concerns we cannot open email attachments. HIPAA prohibits transmission of personal health information via email. Please be aware that emails sent to HPRP containing personal health information will not be forwarded to their intended recipient. Please contact the appropriate Care Manager before sending emails to HPRP. All documentation containing personal health information must be mailed or faxed to HPRP.

It is okay to ask any HPRP staff member questions. If the staff person is not able to answer your question, he / she will find someone who can.

To Make a Referral or Self Report call 800-453-3784

What's New

A new design to the HPRP site to facilitate the addition of new content. A higher contrast theme was also applied to help make features stand out better.

Added "Release of Information" document to download on the document page. Click here to see the addition.

Added a "FAQ" tab that has the answers to some of the more common questions. We will be continuously adding to this database, so check back often to see if your questions have been answered.