Found below are links to download various documents that you or your support group may need during the course of your involvement with HPRP. The below listed documents are all in a pdf format.

If you do not find the specific document you are looking for, call your HPRP Case Manager for assistance.

HPRP Participant Handbook

Many professionals have successfully addressed their substance use and/or mental health disorder as a result of HPRP participation.

Quarterly Sponsor Report

All supporting AA/NA/Caduceus support group sponsors can download this form to provide valuable feedback to the case managers.

Review of HPRP Decision Form and Policy 405

Decisions made by HPRP are based on policies established by the HPRC under the administration of LARA. To request a review of a decision, please complete this form.

Self-Help Attendance Verification

A self-help attendance verification form can be downloaded and printed for collecting and returning hand-written documents to case managers.

Release of Information

This document is required to authorize the HPRP to disclose any information about the licensee to another party.

Worksite Monitor Handbook

This handbook is designed to give the worksite monitor (WSM) a better understanding of how HPRP works and assist him/her in meeting their responsibilities in this role.

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An update to the Release of Information document published.

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